Student holding letter and bookmark

In order to become more aware of the world around us, 5th and 6th grade students began researching states in our great country.  Each student has been assigned a state to research basic facts and create a slideshow to present in class. Lydia Berry (5th grade) began her research of Maine and learned that the day she was working was also the birthday of the governor of the state of Maine.  She shared the information, which then began a search for an email address to send him a happy birthday wish. We found one and I introduced myself and briefly explained the school project and allowed Lydia to type her birthday wish to the governor. I was not sure the message would be read at all and if read, would probably be read weeks or even months away.  I did not expect such a personal response for sure. The following day, I received an email with a message to Lydia and asking for an address to mail her a state pin. A week later, the pin and a personal note from the governor of Maine arrived. I’m so proud of Lydia for being so observant in her research, for taking such an interest in the project, and for the kindness to wish someone a happy birthday.