Select JH GT students attended Global Domination Day

A small group of JH GT students  participated in Wilbur D Mills first “Global Domination Day!” 

WCC students worked with students from other schools divided into 6 different teams. I appreciate my GT kids that were willing to go with me and try something new! I am also incredibly proud of how well they represented our school. 

Aurora was on the team that won the “Iron Man Award” for being strategic. Luke was on the team that won the “Captain America Award” for working together. Mya was asked if she could help cause some chaos after lunch, so she left her team and formed her own team, ending in her winning the “Queen Elizabeth Award” for leading her own country. Josie won the ”George Washington Award” for being a leader throughout the day.

The day was run by the Director of Gifted Programs at Rogers Public Schools,Tim Smithey, who also shared he is a graduate of White County Central. It was a great day overall!