Catherine Hill

My name is Catherine Hilll and I have attended White County Central for 8 years. What I like most about attending wcc- is the class 'Ag metals' and the club FFA. my favorite subject, of course, is Ag metals. once i graduate i plan to be a welder.

The most valuable thing that I have learned while i have been at WCC is learing to become social and to make friends.

I will always remember the time we made Mr. Sancousie (teacher) touch a horse. he had never touched a horse before. it was pretty funny

The advice that I give to the students still in school is to don't give up. in high school -it becomes stressful and you will lose motivation quickly but even though it seems embarrasing to some people WCC has a great source of counselors. Just don't give up!

the advice i have for all of the students still out there - enjoy the little things - don't rush to be a high schooler - enjoy recess - enjoy the little artsy projects - trust me - you're going to miss it.