Serenity Gonzalez

My name is Serenity Gonzalez. I have been at White County Central since the 4th grade and my favorite subject is english.

What I like most about attending WCC is that the amazing staff and how well they have prepared us for the real world!!

once i graduate i plan to go to ASU Beebe for early childhood education.

The most valuable thing that I have learned while i have been at WCC is that failure is something to learn from and if you try hard enough you will have success next time.

I will always remember Feeling welcomed and loved by everyone.

The advice that I give to the students still in school - School is work, it is your job to learn, it may suck but it has to be done..... it’s not play time..... you need this.

the advice i have for all of the students still out there is Do what is right , not what’s easiest. It may seem easy now but it will catch up with you later.