My name is Elaina Jones. I have been attending WCC since Kindergarten.

What I like most about attending WCC is that it feels like a family. Everyone is really close and it feels like everyone actually cares about you and is rooting for you.

My favorite subject is science because there are always new and fascinating discoveries and inventions.

Once I graduate I plan to attend UCA and major in psychology with a minor in addiction studies.

The most valuable thing I have learned while attending WCC is that it is okay to ask for help. Being independent and leading a life you want is hard and sometimes you need to ask for help. The staff and faculty at school work really hard to make sure our needs are met.

I will always remember going on trips and bonding with club and sport members. I like to think back to all of the competitions I have gotten the privilege to participate in with my friends, such as cheerleading with my team and going to UCA with the FBLA chapter.

Advice I would give to students still in school is to make sure you keep up with your work and try your best, highschool is setting you up for your future. But don’t burn yourself out, try and have fun as well.

The advice I have for young people is don’t let people hold you back from your dreams. It is your life and if you want to see them come true you have to take initiative.