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White County Central
School Reentry for 2020-21
Updated - August 11, 2020

WCC Nation:
Thank you for your support, understanding, and patience during the recent school closure. Your continued support will be vital in contributing to a successful school reopening in August.

Although we may not agree with all things put in place by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), White County Central will try to follow and implement the guidance and directives from them, the Governor, and the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The Arkansas Ready for Learning plans and documents have been provided to all school districts to aid in the reopening of school in August. We ask for your continued support as we try to do what is best for our students and staff at WCC.

We appreciate the feedback that many of our parents, staff and faculty have provided for us as we prepare for reentry plans and procedures for the upcoming school year. We want to provide the safest environment for our students to learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We want to provide support for social interaction and access to all of our extracurricular activities while trying to abide by the directives that we have been given.

We hope the information contained in this document will answer some of the questions and concerns that you might have regarding the reopening of school in the fall.

First Day of School
Our first day of school is scheduled for August 24, 2020 - We plan on opening that day unless a change is required based on new directives from the ADH and DESE.

Delivery of Instruction Options
We plan on giving parents of children grades 5-12 three (3) particular options for the 2020-21 school year. Parents of children in grades K-4 will have two (2) options for the delivery of instruction.

  1. Total education on-site - We will be trying to be as close to a “normal” school experience as possible with students attending all classes on campus as usual. Although these classes will be on campus the delivery will also include the use of our digital platforms, Google Classroom, See-Saw (K-2) to prepare these students in the case of an event that causes remote instruction again.
  1. Total education virtually - This option will allow the students to do all of their learning virtually through an online based platform that will be run by their teachers. This option would require the household to have wifi service or the use of “jump” drives that would store lessons that can be watched at home. Students that opt for this method will be getting the same curriculum as those that have opted for the on-site delivery. Virtual instruction will be much different than it was in the spring due to the fact that this will be all new material while the spring focused on reviewed material. It will not be possible to complete the on-line instruction without work being done on a regular basis. Especially for grades K-4 it will require an adult to sit down with their child(ren) and work with them on a regular basis. Any parent that opts for this method will be required to visit with the building level principal to discuss the expectations of on-line instruction.

*Be aware that due to the nature of the curriculum that some classes would ONLY be available on-site.

  1. Blended learning - (Available only grades 5-12) This option would allow students to choose what classes they would like to take on-site and what classes they would prefer to take in a virtual setting. *Be aware that due to the nature of the curriculum that some classes would ONLY be available on-site.

We would ask that the parents commit to a semester in each of these options unless there is an extenuating circumstance, which would be handled on a case by case basis by the building principal. An enrollment form will be available the week of July 6th and should be returned to the office by Friday, July 17th. If we or the parents see that the chosen option is not being successful then a meeting will be scheduled to possibly change platforms. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Students in grades 9-12 will still be required to obtain the proper number of credits to remain on the successful path to graduation.

Face Coverings
Face coverings for students grades 4-12 will be mandatory where social distancing is not feasible. Due to the inability to limit social distancing on school buses, it will be required that all riders wear a face covering. Faculty and staff will all wear a face covering unless presenting to a class from a distance of 12’ or more.

The district will provide three (3) cloth face masks to all people on campus age 10 and above.

Social/Physical Distancing
Students, staff, faculty, and visitors will observe social/physical distancing in as feasible a manner as possible. The 6’ recommended distancing will be observed as much as is possible. Classrooms and cafeteria spaces will be rearranged to get as much social distancing as is possible. Due to the pandemic, lunches will be closed to visitors until further notice.

Temperatures screenings will be performed on staff, faculty, and visitors each day. Visitors will be limited to essential business only as approved by the building administrator. The state has asked parents to screen their child(ren) daily for fever and other symptoms prior to sending them to school. Any student that has knowingly been exposed to an active case of COVID-19 will be required to contact the building level principal to discuss protocol.

Bus Transportation
Students will be required to wear masks on the school bus. All bus drivers will wear a face covering. To limit the spread of the virus, we encourage parents to bring their child(ren) to school if at all possible.

Breakfast and Lunch Service
Students in K-4 will eat both breakfast (grab and go) and lunch in their classrooms. Students in 5-12 will eat breakfast (grab and go) in their classrooms and lunch in either the cafeteria or the commons.

Daily Schedule for Students
The school day on campus will operate as normal as is possible with classes attempting to implement ADH and DESE guidance. All core and elective classes are planned to be offered as scheduled. Elementary students will still have their activity and recess times unless a directive prevents them from occurring. Secondary students will have access to activities and athletics.

Special Needs Students
White County Central is committed to meeting the needs of all students and to accommodate those students that require special services. Therapy options will remain available for students for those that qualify.

Staff, Faculty, Student, or Visitor Testing Positive for COVID-19

WCC will follow the protocol developed by ADH and we will be in direct contact with them to determine next steps. It is possible that a brief closing could happen which would allow for additional cleaning and sanitizing of the school.

Campus Cleaning
The WCC maintenance and custodial staff will follow all recommended practices given by ADH. We will use cleaning agents that have been approved by the EPA to kill the virus. Buses will also be sanitized following each trip.

Arrival and Dismissal Times
The plan is to keep these as close to normal as possible.

Student Becomes Sick at SchoolDesignated school staff will screen the student and perform temperature checks using the ADH protocol. Students will be sent home if the temperature is above the allowed limit in ADH guidelines (100.4 degrees F). A designated area will be used to isolate the student that becomes ill. The student will need to be fever-free for 48 hours prior to returning to school. The school staff will conduct a follow up screening when the student returns to campus.

Superintendent Dean Stanley

July 1, 2020 Volume I Letter from Mr. Stanley