website screenshot

Welcome to the new online home of The White County Central Bears.  Anyone browsing to this week has been greeted by our all new website.  This sleek new website is the latest tool in our mission to keep students, parents, and community members as up to date as possible with everything going on at WCC.

In addition to the new page we also have our very own smartphone app. Whether you have an Iphone or an Android search “White County Central Schools” in your app store. Once you have downloaded the app you will have access to the lunch menus, sports schedules; complete with turn by turn directions to away game, upcoming events, WCC news, and our Live Feed.  Be sure to allow the WCC app to send you notifications so that you receive important updates and announcements.

Whether it’s on the app or the website make sure to check back frequently because we will be posting about all the exciting happenings and important news going on at WCC.