Senior Spotlight

My name is Jaci Beals and I have attended WCC for 8 years. What I like most about attending WCC is that I love how close our students are to each other and faculty. my favorite subject is math, although I am not very good at it.

once i graduate i plan to attend Arkansas Tech University and study Agricultural education and get my teaching license. I would like to become an Agri teacher and a great FFA advisor.

The most valuable thing that I have learned while i have been at WCC is that you should love and treat others the Way you want to be treated. Don't try and shut yourself off from teachers especially if they they are willing to help you because they will be there for more situations than just school related.

I will always remember the the 5th/6th grade locker room. Also whenever we went to the national convention and we stayed up the last night playing mafia so we could sleep the entire way home.

The advice that I give to the students still in school is to Get involved. I highly recommend joining FFA. It has something for everyone. If you can't find your passion now -FFA can help you do so.

the advice i have for all of the students still out there is Always cherish the moments that you have because one day you will look back and it will all be a blur. Love and serve others, don't hesitate to make new friends and it enjoy it while it lasts.