Congratulations to Bethany Taff for being awarded the High Five Award! Awarded to Bethany Taff from Leigh Garth. Here is what Leigh had to say about Bethany: "I am passing the HIGH FIVE Award to Bethany Taff Bethany is hard working, bright, and inspiring! She engages in her kids, and her commitment is endless to them. I love how she finds a way to engage with her students on their likes and needs. She challenges her kids to be expressive such as her book-publishing project. She is compassionate to those around her. I have witnessed her see the needs of others and step in with a willingness of whatever that might be. She connects with the kids and, she is their biggest cheerleader! She is a “do’er” right along beside them. I love that she takes great pride in what she does and how she does it. I always brag on her, she is one that always has her stuff done in a timely manner. She does a superb job on her paperwork, found that out during the pandemic. Bethany is top notch! When she came to us four years ago, I knew from the moment she walked in she would impact kids here at White County Central. We are blessed to have you here! You inspire me to be better! I am proud to work with you!" Thank you, Bethany Taff, for your service to WCC!
12 days ago, Yvonne Sturdivant
Bethany Taff receiving the High Five Award from Leigh Garth!
Thank you to the Army National Guard for providing lunch today for 'Teacher Appreciation Week' from Chick-fil-a for all of our teachers!!!
13 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
Congratulations to our WCC 10th grader Jaci Beals for qualifying to go to the Arkansas 2021 Outdoor Track state competition today in the Discus throw division in Gurdon!
13 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
Jaci Beals
Senior 2021 Information!
13 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
Employment opportunities with WCC Schools
13 days ago, Yvonne Sturdivant
Paraprofessional Job announcement
Stock Market Game Winner We are proud to announce that 7th grader, Ms. Jarlene Camacho, is the 1st place winner of our region in the Arkansas State game competition of the Stock Market Game. She received a check in the amount of $125, a 1st place medal, a banner and certificate to proudly display. Several students participated in the competition for White County Central and represented our region and school very well. Students were treated to a pizza party for their hard work and dedication to the 13 week game. Way to go Bears!! Advisor for SMG: Mrs. Henry, 7th/8th grade Social Studies The Stock Market Game™ is a national program of the SIFMA Foundation that allows students and teachers the opportunity to invest a virtual $100,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds throughout an engaging 13-week simulation each semester. The program is available to all grade levels, Arkansas is divided into six regions and three divisions: Elementary (4th-6th grades), Junior High (7th-9th grades) and Senior High (10th-12th grades). Pictured are (back row left to right) Everett Melton, 7th gr. Karson Fisher, 8th gr., Colton Curtis, 7th gr., Lexi Rogers, 7th gr. (front row left to right) Aaron Graves, 8th gr., Addison Hardcastle, 7th gr., Madalyn Johnson, 7th gr., Jarlene Camacho, 7th gr. Not pictured: Jaxon Gilliam, Jeremiah Ganley, Aiden Stark, Jeshua Travis, and Jacob Watkins
14 days ago, Melanie Dickerson
Tickets for Thursday’s regional baseball game can be purchased through the following link: Go Bears!
15 days ago, Sam Farris
Today begins Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group that takes great care of our students daily. Please take a moment to thank current and former WCC Bears to thank them for a job well done! #Bethelife #Insuchatimeasthis Superstars!
15 days ago, Dean Stanley
Regional Bars Champion! Laila competed at the Region 3 USAG Regional Gymnastics Championships in Aurora, CO. The region consists of 7 states. Laila won bars to become a Regional Bars Champion and received 3rd on vault.
15 days ago, Yvonne Sturdivant
Laila with her medals.
Laila with her medals at Regionals.
Congratulations to Leigh Garth on receiving the High Five Award. Awarded to Leigh Garth from the Cafeteria Staff. Here is what the Cafeteria Staff had to say about Leigh: "We a lunch room all 100% agree that the High Five Award should go to Leigh Garth. We feel like Leigh represents what the White County Central School District hold dear-faith, family, community, kindness, friendship, love, and affection. Leigh has been a sounding board for Karen and I. She has taken time to help us with whatever is needed whether it be running the computer, helping serve, teaching computer stuff, listening to our gripes, and sharing a few belly laughs. Leigh has our entire staff's back to the point of taking our slights and applause to heart. Leigh greets us all on a daily with a kind word and smile. She personifies commitment and strength. She lends an ear or a shouilder to anyone and everyone who needs one. She is also down for just about any prank and laughs at all silly jokes. Leigh loves this school, the kids, and all the staff. She is prayerful and praiseful for us all. She is mindful of her job and hardworking. To sum it up, we in the lunch rooom think Leigh Garth is the bomb! Love, Karen, Kara, Deleta, Amy, Ashaley, Angela, Crystal, Alex and Tamera...AKA The Lunch Bunch" Thank you, Leigh Garth, for your service to WCC!
16 days ago, Yvonne Sturdivant
Leigh Garth receiving the High Five Award from the Cafeteria Staff.
The Baseball game has been rescheduled until tomorrow (Friday) at 4:00 @ Tuckerman!
19 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
Anyone coming to school from the south needs to be aware that water is over the road in a low spot on Highway 157. This is just before the flashing school sign near Edwards Rd. Please slow down before hitting this water for your safety.
19 days ago, Dean Stanley
3rd-6th Grades will be taking the ACT Aspire Assessment tomorrow and Thursday. Please make sure your students get a good night's rest and are at school on time. If a student comes in late, they will have to wait in the office, until the test being given is complete. They can then join their class for the next test. Also, encourage them to eat breakfast. If your student is virtual, we will call when they are finished testing for the day. You can expect them to finish between 11:00 and 12:00.
21 days ago, Karla Louks
White County Central is starting grades 7-12 Interscholastic Soccer next year. Since this will be a brand new sport for our district our soccer account will start at $0.00. We would use this account to get equipment, attire, or assist a player who would be unable to get their own equipment. If you would be interested in donating to the Soccer Team, please see our Admin office with donations. Thank you and we are excited for this new opportunity for our students. The AAA Soccer Team starts in the 2021/2022 school year, but if your child is interested in learning the game and developing their skills contact Mark Wagner
21 days ago, Mark Wagner
Baseball boys play their game in the district tournament tonight at 6:00 against Midland @ Tuckerman! Come out and show your support for these boys! ⚾️
21 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
High Five Award! Awarded to the Cafeteria Staff from Charlotte Harrison. Here is what Ms. Charlotte has to say about the Cafeteria Staff: "I would like to give the high five award to the Cafeteria Staff. During the time of the pandemic and this school year, they have been extremely flexible and organized to be able to distribute meals to meet the needs at that time. They have tirelessly planned and strategically prepared lunches for bus delivery and classroom distribution. They also give additional effort for extracurricular events, such as the senior dinner with the superintendent. They take time to know each child and greet them daily with a hug and a smile. Thank you Karen and crew for all you do! " Thank you, Cafeteria Staff, for your service to WCC!
21 days ago, Yvonne Sturdivant
Charlotte Harrison presenting the Cafeteria Staff the High Five Award!
Kyra Cude earned her Microsoft Word certification! Congratulations Kyra!!
21 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
Misael Gonzalez earned his Microsoft PowerPoint Certification. Congratulations!
21 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
The WCC Lady Bears Softball will play in the first round of the District Tournament on Monday, April 26th at 5 o'clock at Tuckerman.
23 days ago, Dr. Jackye Underwood
Please remember that ACT Aspire testing will begin tomorrow, for 7th-10th grades. Make sure your children get a good nights sleep, eat breakfast, and are at school on time.
23 days ago, Karla Louks